I believe great photographs exist only in one infinitely small space of time.
The record of its existence,
where the subject reveals all of its attributes,
is different the moment just before and just after the image is captured.
When the artist identifies the subject,
photographing it at just the right angle,
in that exact moment in time,
when the light breathes life into the subject.
When the light exposes its soul.
I also believe that the interaction between people and their surroundings
leaves behind a trace of this relationship.
In the photograph titled “Entrance”,
which is the main gate of a former estate from the 1860’s,
that entrance,
that gate,
still holds some of the energy of all the souls that have passed through it for so many years.
As the artist looks through his lens and focuses his mind and spirit at its deepest level,
the sense that allows us to create art comes into play.
In the art of photography it’s that moment,
as the photographer observes his subject, the mind and body become one.
The instant the image presents itself,
that indefinable attribute that allows human beings to create art takes over
and tells the photographer the exact moment to take the shot.

Michael Petruzzi